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North Eastern Australia

An information portal to explore and contribute in the opportunity to create a separate state in Northern Queensland

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Unleashing the power of regional Australia; decentralising administration to harness social and economic futures of Australia's unique regional areas.

The information provided is from a culmination of individuals involved in this cause.
Special thanks to Bill Bates, Raj Patel & Peter Raffles for their persistent determination to establish the foundation to this cause.

If people continue to stand united they can achieve generational change

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We will be conducting a new petition this year. Exciting stuff!

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E-PETITION 2773-17

On the a petition

Queensland residents draws to attention of the House that there has been a long-held belief of a divide between the capital’s populous South East Corner and regional Queensland. Over recent years, increasing numbers of decisions of the House have hindered, delayed and even prevented developments that would have provided significant economic growth and employment in regional areas. Additionally, new legislation routinely restricts existing regional industries and businesses.

Those who drafted our Australian Constitution foresaw the possibility that as the nation grew there would be the likelihood that not all the people of the founding ‘colonies’ would be well served in the future by their existing seat of their colonial government and provided in Chapter VI of the Constitution for the creation of additional new states from the territory of the existing states.

Of Queensland’s population of nearly 5 million, 1.5 million live in Central and Northern Queensland in an area covering nearly 1.5million km2. With large areas of agricultural land and vast developed and undeveloped natural resources it would be more than capable of being a viable state of the Commonwealth of Australia. The advancement of Central and Northern Queensland and the prosperity of its people would be better served by a parliament of its own. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House (state the text of the action required): To make the immediate provisions to initiate a State Referendum to allow the people of Queensland living north of the Latitude26.000 South to vote on the creation of a new North Eastern State of Australia.



When drafting the Australian Constitution in the 1890s, our leaders and people foresaw that, as this new nation grew and prospered, our former colonial capitals would not well serve the interests of people in regions far flung from their new state parliaments.

To provide redress of future disparities between growing outlying regions and the established seats of parliamentary power, the constitution makers provided for the formation of new states.

It's right there in Chapter VI, Paragraphs 121 through 124 for all to read.

In the 21st century it is incumbent on Queensland’s regional residents and leaders (in politics, industry, commerce and the community) to invoke the provisions of the Australian Constitution to form a new state, with a parliament that governs in their best interests first and foremost.


E-Petition 2773-17 simply requests the State Government of Queensland to initiate a state sponsored referendum to allow the residents of regional Queensland to vote for or against the proposition of forming a new state. When considering whether to join E-Petition 2773-17 on the Queensland Government web site, it is import that you understand that you are not making any judgements on the merits of the proposition, rather you are joining the quest to initiate a process that will give you and your fellow regional Queensland residents the opportunity to secure the necessary referendum.

Success in securing a State Sponsored Referendum will be dependent on an unprecedented number of residents joining the petition and enabling the initiation of the process that will afford Regional Queensland the opportunity to end the disparity between it and South East Queensland. At this time, there is no need to agonize over the merits of the proposition or issues such as the name of the new state or what will be the capital city. While these and other issues are import they are matters that will dealt with in the For and Against Cases of the referendum and subsequent conventions.


Regional Queensland is poorly represented in the State Parliament and the recent review of electoral boundaries only serves to further diminish its meagre sphere of influence. With the number of parliamentary seats increasing to 93, all four additional seats were created in South East Queensland. With the redistribution, if you include the Wide Bay Area in Regional Queensland, it will have a total of 25 seats. While South East Queensland will have 69. Regional representation shall forever continue to diminish in percentage terms.

In relation to the Federal Parliament, Regional Queensland representation is effectively invisible. Again, counting the electorate of Wide Bay, Regional Queensland has a total of 8 representatives while South East Queensland has the remaining 22. Additionally, nine of the 12 Senators reside in South East Queensland.

Only statehood can provide the political representation to secure Regional Queensland’s development and prosperity. No longer would it be hampered by the competing interests of a government pandering to the voters of South East Queensland, in particular the ideology of the ‘concrete jungle’ environmentalists. In addition to its allocation of Federal electorate lower house members, Regional Queensland would have 12 Senators pushing the ‘barrow’ for our share of Commonwealth funding and projects.

South Australia with its near equivalent population and area of the proposed new North Eastern State provides the best comparison of likely political representation. In its bicameral parliament, the House of Assembly has 47 members, each representing an electorate while the Legislative Council has 22 members. Additionally, in the Commonwealth Parliament, South Australia has 11 members in the House of Representatives and 12 members in the Senate.


In the decision to accept the creation of a new state it is paramount that it can be demonstrated that it will be both financially and economically viable while ensuring that the remaining part of the state is also viable.

The Queensland Treasury Annual Report, 2015-16 detailed that total revenues were $36B. 47 percent ($16.7B) was provided by the Commonwealth Government in the form of the GST redistribution, grants and contributions. $10.3B was collected in state taxes, $2B in royalties and $6B in contribution from state owned enterprises.

In comparison, the South Australian Budget 2015-2016 detailed revenue totalling $17B, just less than half that of Queensland’s. 53 percent ($9.2B) was provided by the Commonwealth Government in the form of the GST redistribution, grants and contributions. $4.5B was collected in state taxes of which royalties contributed a little more than $300M and $2.3B in contributions from state owned corporations. It is worth noting that South Australia expends $7.5B of its annual budget on public service wages and entitlements.

South Australia provides the best measure to determine whether a new North Eastern state is viable. The population of South Australia is approximately 1.5 million and has an area of some 900,000 km2. Combined Central and Northern Queensland have a similar population and an area of more than 1.3 million km2. Much more of north eastern Australia is under cultivation while it also has greater share of natural resources. South Australia generates less than $400M in royalty payments while Queensland’s royalty revenue is more than $2B with most of that being earn from projects in Central and North Queensland.

It would also be reasonable that a new North Eastern state would receive a similar amount to South Australia’s $9B in Commonwealth GST redistribution, grants and contributions. Additionally, with its full representation in the Federal Parliament the new state shall be better placed to ensure that it secures a greater share of Commonwealth projects.

The creation of a North Eastern state will require the approval of both the Queensland and Federal Parliaments. Thus, it is essential that it demonstrate that it will be both viable and prosperous. To achieve a critical mass in terms of both population and wealth creation resources all Queensland territories north of latitude 26.000o South need to be incorporated into the new state. This should be done in the understanding that in future decades that there may be a further division of the new state and this should be acknowledged in its constitution.

Benefits For the Remaining State Of Queensland.

The Brisbane based State Government would not have to administer far off regional communities and sparsely populated remote areas too which they have no affinity. It will also benefit indirectly in that the New State will be entitled to 12 Federal Senators, giving the north east Australia the influence of 24 Senators and help curb the disproportionate influence of the 24 Senator of the least populated and underperforming states of Tasmania and South Australia.

Benefits For The New State

The new state would be entitled to 12 Senators (This may be reduced to 10 if the Commonwealth decides to reduce each sate to 10 senators to kept the total senate numbers about the same) and based on Tasmania’s entitlement to the House of Representatives seats (one seat per 70,000 voters) the new state should be afforded at least 10 lower house seats. This will provide the people of regional north Queensland with a 100 fold increase in their level of power in the national capital.

With the drafting of the constitution, the new state would have the means to effectively resolve the grievances of the regional areas that gave rise to their separation from the State of Queensland.